1. 2015.03.11

Technologies for Calculating Geodetic Coordinates Applying h–Geometry Functions (2)

Donaldas Zanevičius Faustas Keršys
Magazine GEODESY AND CARTOGRAPHY 201 36(4); 160-163 has published article of Donaldas Zanevičius and Faustas Keršys TECHNOLOGIES FOR CALCULATING GEODETIC COORDINATES APPLYING H–GEOMETRY FUNCTIONS. (The article was written in Lithuanian). This article was cited in various international publications, including Harvard‘s Department of Astronomy, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and NASA Astrophysics Data System (http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2010GeCar..36..160Z )

Article „Technologies for Calculating Geodetic Coordinates Applying h–Geometry Functions (2)“

The article proposes to apply h-geometry functions sph and cph instead of classic geometry functions sin and cos for conversion of coordinates in mathematical models.
As known, numeric values of functions sin and cos can be calculated only when functions are developed to infinite string. h-geometry functions sph and cph have algebraic analytic expressions. It enables system mathematical models to be presented in analytic expressions. This means, that computer calculation times may be shortened 3-7-fold. This should be very important for developers of anti-ballistic defence systems.
Classic geometry functions do not allow to obtain such expressions. In such case, systems’ mathematical models can be calculated only by applying iteration methods.
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