JAV Prezidento ir kandidatų į Prezidento postą diskusijų objektu tapo kosmoso politika. JAV Prezidentas B.Obama  2016.04.15 apsilankė NASA būstinėje ,kur aptarė kelionės į Marsą ir NASA finansavimo klausimus.


2016 m. NASA finansavimas yra 19,3 milijardai dolerių, kas sudaro 0,5 procento  Federalinio biudžeto.

Kandidatė į JAV Prezidento postą HillaryClinton apsilankė kosminių technologijų firmoje SLS ir dalyvavo priešrinkiminėje diskusijoje su Donald Trump kosmoso politikos klausimu.


2. 2016 06 05

Next Big Future: Spacex to send 3 unmanned missions to Mars that would lead to a manned Mars mission in 2024



SpaceX will send an unmanned mission to Mars using the Dragon V2 rocket — starting in 2018 and launch a rocket to Mars every 26 months. The plan is for the first manned Mars mission in 2024. The plan for 2018 is for a sample return Mars rover to be delivered to the Martian surface while also testing techniques to enter the Martian atmosphere with equipment a human crew could eventually use Elon Musk will present his architecture for Mars colonization at the International Astronautical Congress conference in September On 27 April 2016 SpaceX announced that they would be going forward with the uncrewed mission for a 2018 launch and NASA will be providing technical support. NASA expects to spend …

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1. 2016 05 10.

Hi Donaldas,

Thank you for your interest in a future with SpaceX. Your application has been received and our team will be reviewing your qualifications for the GNC Mission Design Engineer position.


The SpaceX Recruiting Team